Doc Talk with Dr. Larian

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Mistaking an adenoma for a cyst on my thyroid.

When I initially went to U of M for my parathyroid the surgeon that I saw gave me an ultrasound in his office.  He found that I had an adenoma on the left and a cyst on my thyroid.  Of course he also said that my calcium level was normal therefore I did not meet his criteria for surgery.  I was symptomatic, full of kidney stones  and have been for years.  Needless to say…  I found an expert and all four of my para’s were diseased and no cyst on my thyroid.  Thank god it didn’t get to the point of radiofrequency ablation.  If he would of treated me for s cyst it would have been wrong…..  he said I didn’t meet his criteria even though I was fully symptomatic and it was devastating.  This guy was a fail either way…

Case Report

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